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$2,900,000: Injured worker suffered severe brain injuries from auto accident
$2,000,000: Formula infiltration into infant blood stream
$450,000: Resident died as a result of pressure sores and sepsis
$429,500: Resident died as a result of stage IV pressure sores
$425,000: Resident died as a result of falling from a Hoyer lift
$400,000: Resident died after falling and hitting head
$250,000: Resident developed pressure sores
$180,000: Resident developed pressure sores
$156,000: Resident was malnourished
$140,000: Resident was malnourished
$125,000: Resident fell and broke hip
$430,200: Automobile accident claim for 25% disability to back
$390,000: Wrongful death claim for failure to provide adequate healthcare
$159,750: Workers’ Compensation claim for asbestos exposure
$140,000: Automobile accident claim for fractured arm
$132,500: Workers’ Compensation claim for lower back injury
$114,500: Automobile accident claim for torn rotator cuff


The attorneys at The McGougan Law Firm work very hard for their clients to obtain the compensation they deserve when injured by the negligence of others in a variety of legal matters, including personal injury from auto accidents, worker’s compensation from on-the-job injuries, nursing home negligence and abuse, medical malpractice and wrongful death. The following is a partial list of some of the results we have achieved over the years for our clients. The list does not constitute a promise or guarantee any particular results for any particular case. Because each case is unique, and no two cases are alike, these figures are neither an indication of what you may receive in a similar case or a guarantee of a similar result. These cases are presented to show both the range of our experience and the types of results we have achieved. Each of the results for the cases listed below was achieved on its own merit and the outcome of any particular case cannot be predicted by any lawyer or law firm’s past results. If you have specific questions about your matter, please contact one of our attorneys today for a free initial consultation.

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